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We build and grow products that next-gens love.

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what we offer

we act as your consultant and part of your in-house team

Advisory & Consultancy

Leverage on our experience in building and selling products users love.

Digital Marketing

Massively reach, engage and retain your audience across multiple on and offline touchpoints.

Business Development

We connect the dots in our network and find untapped opportunities for you.

Creative Production

Create creative and engaging video and written content and stand out of the crowd.


Let us help you secure the capital you need to scale by reaching our extensive network of angels, family offices, government funds and VCs.

who is this for

we scale and grow with companies like these...

Early-stage Startups

New players in the game with early traction who needs an initial booster for hyper growth

Growth-Stage Startups

You've proved your business model and entering cruising altitude but need an extra push to maintain your edge in the competition.

Established Companies

Shake things up, spice it up, turn it around and reach new heights with us.

case studies

some companies we have helped build and scale


We are excited to collaborate with Elton — founder of FamBamHK and a millennial father of two — who has a strong vision to leverage technology and his personal network and experience in the family market sector to create FamBam (“family bonding and moments”) for millennial and next generation parents in Asia.

schedule a free consulting session with us today.

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