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Grow brands next-gens love

Who we are

We’ve been helping brands speak and connect to next-gens customers since 2019.
Our love for brand building and creativity, driven by technology, has empowered us to turn concept to reality for 20+ brands in the past years.

What We Do

Our key venture building proposition is across financial advisory, strategy consulting and brand marketing.

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With Brands like...

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& more...

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Case Studies

X Tech is a US-based fintech company focused on tech-powered solutions for high frequency trading. We assisted with their Asia branding and content strategy as part of their Asia Pacific investor roadshow.


-> Branding Campaign

KIX Esports is a competitive mobile gaming brand which connects consumer brands with next generation gamers. The team has built a wealth of experience as an esports team, gaming event and tournament organiser and creative agency.

Kerry Properties is a HK-listed property developer. Since 2019, we have helped Kerry Properties grow and operate its LinkedIn page as part of their employer branding campaign.

Let's Talk

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